Schnabel Engineering is a leading engineering firm that specializes in design for geotechnical, tunnel, and dam engineering projects across the U.S. Enteros Design, in collaboration with 2 City Studio, worked with Schnabel Engineering to consolidate their Richmond offices into one location, with the goal of creating a more collaborative, creative, and efficient use of space. The project combined the locations for both the Lab / Testing services with the Corporate Headquarters office spaces. As separate offices, their total square footage was over 19,000 sf. Their new co-location is only 16,000 square feet and includes Lab Testing Services and support office space on the 1st Floor, a Mezzanine space for combined storage and files, and the Corporate office headquarters located on the second floor. This more efficient use of space required close collaboration with Schnabel Engineering during the design process to ensure all their required dedicated functions were included while finding creative ways to include more efficient and shared space that would encourage a more collaborative workspace environment.