The new facility is approximately 7,500 square feet and houses 50 canine kennels, 41 feline cage units, an Exam and Medical Assessment suite, support core areas, staff administration office areas, and a public adoption center.

The animal shelter utilizes abuse resistant materials throughout the animal holding areas. Each animal holding area has been evaluated for its potential for exposure to water and cleaning procedures so as to stand up to long term maintenance and abuse.

Significant design decisions about mechanical air distribution and plumbing systems have been made with respect to segregating multiple HVAC zones. This ensures proper animal disease control from one space to another. Sophisticated energy recovery systems have been incorporated due to a majority amount of single pass air volume. Plumbing and sophisticated disinfectant cleaning systems have been incorporated to maintain a sanitary and healthy environment both for the animals, as well as the public and staff. Support spaces such as Food Prep areas, Laundry, and Animal Cleaning have all been located to prevent any animal disease cross-contamination, as well as being operated efficiently with a limited number of staff and volunteer help.