The Henrico Social Services building has served a variety of County agencies since its construction in 1986. Enteros Design was hired by the County to transform the lower level, recently vacated by the Parks and Recreation Department, into expanded office areas for the Social Services and Drug Court Departments. The scope of work involved refining the building program and updating the layout to meet the new departments needs. Meetings were held with department heads and staff to confirm the program requirements. The new layout significantly increases the number of offices, improves efficiency and circulation, accommodates handicapped accessibility, and provides much needed meeting space and work rooms. The existing space was essentially gutted, and new offices and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing distribution were integrated into the existing building. The renovation required careful coordination of building systems and construction phasing to avoid disruption of existing spaces in the fully occupied building. A new 1MW generated was designed to serve the entire building load in the event of a power failure.