Excited to be outgrowing their existing Broad Street branch office, the Henrico Federal Credit Union connected with Enteros Design to expand their offices to an existing structure adjacent to them. This project generated opportunities for connecting the current site to the new neighboring building through both the interior design and landscape design. A meandering path and revitalized landscaping between the existing and new site offer employees space to recharge and connect with one another during their down time. The breakroom at the new site also extends to the outdoors with a stamped concrete patio nestled in the pines at the rear of the building. Inside, several existing skylights provided a valuable framework for an efficient open-office design where all of the employees are connected to daylighting. Adding additional skylights completed the patterned openings throughout the space that help structure the divisions of independent, co-working and meeting spaces. Clerestory windows and glass walls support the flow of daylighting and provide a balance of privacy and transparency important to the Credit Union. The wood detailing around these openings shows the modern attention to detail and brings warmth to the office. New floor finishes, furniture, fabric, and laminate selections enhance the Henrico Federal Credit Union’s branded color palette to complete the space.