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Seth Truckenmiller is a passionate architect driven by a deep desire to learn, create, and understand the world around him. Graduating from Pennsylvania State University in 2023, Seth had the opportunity to engage in various experiences that shaped his professional journey. He actively participated in organizations like Solar Decathlon, immersing himself in innovative projects. Seth also had the privilege of working with Penn State’s developing concrete printing lab through research studios, expanding his knowledge and skills. 

Having recently joined Enteros as a full-time architect, Seth is eager to bring his creativity and fresh perspective to the team. While his focus has not been limited to specific areas or types of projects so far, his drive for quality and attention to detail is evident in all his endeavors. 

Beyond his professional life, Seth finds joy in spending time with his wife, Abigail, their lovable dogs Waffles and Pancakes, and their families. He has a diverse range of hobbies, including 3D printing, board games, and disc golf, which allow him to express his creativity and enjoy his leisure time to the fullest. 

With his thirst for knowledge and a keen eye for design, Seth is dedicated to contributing to the world of architecture through his work at Enteros. He believes in the power of architecture to positively impact both people and the environment, and he is committed to creating sustainable and meaningful spaces.