R. Scott Wheeler

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Scott is driven by his pursuit of creativity and quality throughout the design process. His long-term interest in the value of architecture’s connection to both people and the environment began during architecture school at Louisiana Tech University and continued on with his career with Cooper Carry Architects in Atlanta, BCWH Architects in Richmond, and now with Enteros Design in Petersburg. He continues to build on the connective nature of architecture and design through both technical details and creative solutions to better serve his clients and the environment they live in.

Scott has experience in projects from large-scale institutional science and education buildings for both Higher Ed and K-12 clients, religious and cultural performing arts facilities, to small renovation projects. Throughout these projects, he has developed a creative, but pragmatic design methodology that balances design with client objectives, technical coordination, and effective project execution. Scott strives to be involved in all aspects of the planning process and excels in developing project research and analysis to be used throughout the project.

As one of the early adopters for sustainable design, Scott became a LEED Accredited Professional back in 2001. Since then Scott has worked on several projects in an effort to organize the right balance between good design for the client, the environment, and the “bottom-line”. He has also been an advocate for sustainability outside of the office by being a leader in the community. Scott was a founding board member for local chapters of the U.S. Green Building Council in both Atlanta and Richmond. He served on the JRGBC Board as head of Programs for over six years and is still active today.

Scott is also an avid cyclist and dreams of being able to take off and ride across the county someday. Outside of the office, he is learning how to live sustainably by growing vegetables year-round and tending his seven hens for eggs.