Maria Andrea Lizarzabal

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Born in Venezuela and living in the U.S for three years now, Maria has lived all around the continent (Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico) considering herself a “resident of the world”. Coming from a family of Civil Engineers, she always knew architecture was her passion. During college years she spent her last year focusing on restoring antique architecture at The Polittecnico di Milano in Italy. She graduated cum laude from college and continued her studies with a Project Management specialization. While living in Argentina she completed a Masters in Advanced Architecture, where she had the opportunity to work with amazing architects such as Mariano Clusellas and Mathias Klotz.

She has worked in every country she has lived in, which adds a touch of cultural openness on everything she does and how she approaches life. She speaks four languages and enjoys art. She has a very busy after work-life with three young kids, two of them twins.