Beth von Kelsch

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Beth joined Enteros Design in 2008 having zero knowledge of architecture and assumed all architects wear black tortoiseshell glasses, scarves, and have German accents.  It turns out it’s true, it’s all true.

Beth’s background is in the performing arts, and she moved from Chicago to Petersburg to help start a non-profit theatre in the City’s Old Towne District.  While mopping the floors of the bathroom after a production, she was spotted by Enteros Design’s Principal Architect, Gil Entzminger.  He thought, “If she’s willing to clean the floor of a men’s bathroom, she’ll definitely work for me!”  And so, Beth joined Enteros Design in late 2008.

Beth focuses on business development, pursuing projects, proposal preparation, graphic design, and special events for Enteros Design.  She spends her weekends climbing volcanoes and reading Russian literature.  HA!  No, but seriously, she has a brilliant daughter, through whom she is attempting to live vicariously.  Because she WILL BE an Olympic gymnast. Stop crying! Olympians don’t cry, little girl! Her rare moments of free time are spent in the gym, baking desserts that she can’t eat, and secretly judging other moms on their child-rearing techniques.