4th Street Warehouse

Petersburg, VA

The 4th Street Warehouse was constructed in the early 20th century and operated as a machinist production shop.  The site sits along a now unused railroad spur in historic Petersburg, Virginia.

The building addition and interior renovations respond to the owner’s interest in adapting the building into a property management office and private residence.  Office space is provided on the ground floor with the residence occupying both floors above.  A garage, entry foyer,  and spacious outdoor deck have been added to the north east corner of the building.  Within the residence, the open floor plan of the original warehouse is partitioned by a diagonal wall containing storage and kitchen amenities.  This canted wall unifies the kitchen, living, and dining areas and serves as a boundary between public and private space.  On the third floor, studio space and two spare bedrooms have been provided.

Enteros Design provided a feasibility study and concept design to the owner of this project.